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We offer so much more then just amazing Doula services.

Make sure to check out All of our services. 

The Decadent Doula Birth and Wellness offers childbirth classes, coaching sessions, nutrition classes, aromatherapy and holistic practices, spa wellness services and so much more. 

It's Time To Celebrate

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You're having a baby!

Such a  joyous occasion is upon you.  Congratulation,  let  The Decadent Doula  enhance your journey.  The Decadent Doula Birth Services offers full professional expert support services catered to your particular need.  

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From the Beginning of the Journey

The Decadent Doula Birth Services, works closely with you and your partner to provide you with the most therapeutic labor support possible.  No matter how you have conceived, your story has begun, we are there to make sure your pregnancy journey is peaceful,  beautiful and one to be remembered.

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Our Mission

You and your family are very important to us.  Expanding or starting a family can add stress, fear and tension to ones life.

The Decadent Doula Birth Services specializes in Listening, Focusing, Supporting and Reducing these issues throughout your entire pregnancy.

Why Should You Hire A Doula

Have a Better Birth

have a better birth

Adding a professional doula to your birth team can have a positive effect on your pregnancy and childbirth experience.

Your Choices Your Baby

your choice your baby

Doula's help you develop and implement your birth wishes,  preferences  and goals. They support your choices and your concerns.

Receive Amazing Support

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A Doula provides professional continuous Physical, Emotional and Educational Support.  They offer education regarding different natural techniques such as breathing, relaxation, meditation , movement, and positioning. 

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Make your appointment today to start your journey. Let’s do it together.

The Decadent Doula Birth & Wellness Services are open for all expecting moms. We specialize in the wellness and holistic support of all pregnant women. You do not have to purchase a doula service to obtain services with our company.

We offer any of our classes or wellness services to any woman who would like to experience a better journey of birth. 

The Decadent Doula Birth & Wellness Center only accepts  pregnant women. 

We do accept Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Spending Account’s and provides reimbursement assistance  for insurance claims.

Please  consult with our  registration department when scheduling for more info.  443-770-2945  Tue-Fri 9am-6pm

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About The Decadent Doula Birth & Wellness Services

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“Maria and her staff will make you feel so special. You can't help but see and feel her love and passion for this work as soon as you meet Maria. Her vision for bringing back the joy and happiness for the pregnancy journey is a great resource for Frederick. Offering facials, aromatherapy, classes, and so much more, including referral connections to many complimenary alternative service providers. The Decadent Doula Birth Services and Wellness center provides the much needed respite needed during a pregnancy needed in this busy, fast moving society we live in today to help moms-to- be remember the joy and happiness of the pregnancy."


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