The Decadent Doula Birth Services

Decadent Doula Birth & Wellness Services
700 Montclaire Ave
Frederick Md.


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A Little Bit About Us.

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 The Decadent Doula Birth Services

The Decadent Doula Birth & Wellness Service is the only place in Frederick County that offers moms to be, amazing relaxing spa services along with providing education, support and non-medical care during labor or the postpartum period.
We provide Childbirth Classes, Wellness Practices and Full Labor and Postpartum Doula Support Services.
Catering just to all expecting mother and their partners only, The Decadent Doula offers all natural facials, manicures and pedicures as well as herbal tea parties and organic milk baths experiences aromatherapy sessions, meditation , counseling and so much more.
By combining a holistic approach, vast experience and a service that revolves entirely around the mom to be.
The Decadent Doula focuses on eliminating stress, pain, fear and anxiety so that you can enjoy each moment of your exciting journey.
Each person on staff has years of certified experience in the field of Labor and Delivery and Childbirth Education to ensure that the mom to be is in the best hands possible while she is getting pampered.

Our Vision 

We strongly believe that pregnancy is a time that should be celebrated, that is why The Decadent Doula Birth Services focuses on providing specialized guidance, education and support – taking all the fears, anxiety and questions out of the equation.

Looking ahead, we want to see your family grow, continue to impact the lives of moms, their families and their communities, knowing that we were part of that beautiful story.

The Decadent Doula Birth & Wellness Services
700 Montclaire Ave
Suite C
Frederick Md. 21701


Our Misson      Created by Maria Talton, a mother and proud grandmother,  a registered clinical aromatherapist, certified holistic practitioner and educator, The Decadent Doula is on a mission to provide specialized birth, healing, postpartum, and lactation support and education to help you feel comfortable, safe and empowered so that you can focus on what truly matters to you: celebrating. 

Maria Talton is a renowned Doula, wellness consultant, caregiver par excellence, and a mother to an amazing daughter and a grandmother of two. She is a battle-tested pregnancy caregiver with over 30 years’ experience as a caregiver, Doula, , counselor, and consultant. Maria is renowned for her strategic thinking, empathy, work ethics, and unwavering commitment towards helping her patients throughout pregnancy and even post-pregnancy. Everybody who has crossed path with Maria will testify of her resourcefulness, open-mindedness, her mental flexibility and that she’s quite a good listener. 

Maria is the CEO of The Decadent Doula Birth & Wellness Services. A recently established “Luxurious Wellness Center” for pregnancy care. She is at the forefront of revolutionizing pregnancy care and childbirth through her Doula Birth & Wellness Services located at 700 Montclaire Ave. Frederick, Maryland. According to her; “The vision is to put joy and provide support for pregnant women and show moms that it’s ok to have a voice while being pampered and also give them education about their journey.” 

It is understandable that pregnancy stress can be overwhelming for so many women out there and that is why Maria has built a special safe-haven for these women to come and receive professional continuous Physical, Emotional and Educational Support. They offer education regarding different natural techniques such as breathing, relaxation, meditation, movement, and positioning.

All the staff at The Decadent Doula Birth & Wellness Services are labour and maternity specialists, plus you get professional counselors, nurses, nutritionist, and the best part is; the building is just across the street from a hospital. 

You’d rarely see a more passionate individual like Maria. She is totally committed to giving her patients the best possible care. 

Before starting the Doula birth service, Maria has since shown her business acumen having started three successful businesses of her own including a jewelry wholesale business.

Tapping into her educational background, Maria gained her first degree on Associate in Applied Science from Luzerne County College in 2001. She also earned a Master’s of Science degree in aromatherapy major (botany minor)from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in 2016. As an avid learner with lots of desire and purpose, Maria has worked hard to develop her skill set through varieties of extracurricular educational activities. This includes getting certifications in; Neuro-Linguistic Programming by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Massage Therapy and Reflexology from Baltimore School of Massage 2011, Crystal Healing from Reiki Rays Institute 2015 and she is the published author of a book titled; “Eczema from the inside out.”

Additionally, Maria enjoys working and nurturing relationships with people from various backgrounds and cultures. This is achieved through her excellent communication skills, establishing a good rapport with them. She is underpinned by astute long-term relationship building principles, and she enjoys learning about diverse cultures, reading, traveling, and listening to diverse perspectives of opinions.

Finally, Maria Talton is a leader who is dedicated to the greater good of all. She is always eager to try new things. As a volunteer, she’s actively involved in lots of community-targeted charities. She’s freely offering her talents and skills to those communities that need them. She is very passionate about pregnancy care. 


The Team

Mrs.Angela Verity CST, CD


This young lady is an amazing mom of three wonderful girls . We are proud to welcome her as our new Front Office Manager. Mrs.Angela is a Certified Labor / Postpartum Doula as well as a Certified Surgical Technologist who specializes in Labor and Delivery.

Ms. Marva Telemaque


Ms.Marva Telemaque is a Certified and Accredited Emotional Freedom Technique Practiitioner , (EFT). 

EFT is a healing modality similar to Accupuncture which uses a series of Taps on Energy Centers that are located throughout the body.

 She's also a Life Coach with a focus on Spirituality and Life Purpose. 

Marva's goal is to assist her clients on their journey of self-reflection, self empowerment and self-actualization.  

Ms. Telemaque is a well established Transformational Coach who sees her clients via Skype but has graciously agreed to see occasional clients at our location. 

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Maria Talton CST ,CD, M.S.


Maria Talton is a Certified Labor Doula who specializes in Labor and Delivery. She has many years of experience and accepting patients for 2019.

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Mrs. Anniedale Hawkins Brown Certified Life And Healing Coach


Anniedale Hawkins Brown is a amazing woman and practictioner. She is a proven professional who has the capability to transform and change lives.

Born and raised in Florence SC, Anniedale has a personal down home style and feel.  She communicates respectfully and with a caring heart.  She has a Masters of Business Administration degree and has used her degree to help manage millions of dollars of funding for various projects.  She also owns her own businesses.  She serves as a success coach for many people and have trained on national platforms.

She is most happy helping people.  Under the suggestion of friends and family she enrolled in a an ontological coaching course.  She is intrigued with what people can accomplish given the support and the opportunity.  Anniedale is passionate about helping people design a life they love and are most comfortable with.  She believes that everyone has the answers within.  She enjoys helping people connect with themselves and their happiness.

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Ms.Trynesa Mc Garrah. Skin Care Intern


The Decadent Doula is proud to welcome this beautiful positive soul to our team. 

Ms. Trynesa is currently a student at:

 Cortiva Institute Baltimore Campus

Esthetics (Skin Care) Program 

She will be an intern with our practice until her graduation in August of this year.

Mrs.Nicole Anderson RN. Postpartum Doula, Holistic Health Practitioner


Mrs.Nicole Anderson is a amazing beautiful soul who has dedicated her career to helping women achieve maternal calmness through holistic techniques. 

This mother of eight wonderful human beings is a certified educator, counselor and a Registered Nurse as well as a Certified Doula.