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Healing Sound And Stress Therapy Event- $ 10.00

   July 23TH ——-12PM - 3:30 PM

Sound Therapy is a type of meditation that incorporates affirmations, guided meditations, calming sounds played from several ancient instruments and various musical frequencies. Participants relax on yoga mats and allow the waves of sound to wash over them.

This type of Sound Therapy promotes:

Mental/emotional/physical balance, Reduced Stress and Anxiety, Improved concentration and memory, Improved Sleep, Enhanced immunity, Greater creativity and Heightened spirituality.

Breastfeeding Support Group- Free

Thursdays at 1PM- 2:30 PM

Join other moms—those who are currently breastfeeding and those who are pregnant and interested in breastfeeding—for a comfortable, supportive get-together, where you can nurse your baby or find out how to breastfeed successfully.