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Our Services

Birth Doula

Your personal Doula will provide : 

  • 24/7 coverage to attend with you at your labor and birth from the momment you hire us until the baby is born.
  • unlimited phone text and email support for your questions concerns or encouragement
  • personlized education and information on childbirth
  • prenatal home visit to discuss and help formulate the birth plan.
  • help you clarify and communicate your preferences with the entire birth team.
  • Immediate support after birth to help your baby latch and encourage your breastfeeding relationship and sucess.
  • Postpartum home visit to celebrate the birth of your baby and address the care of the baby see if any additional support is needed.

Postpartum Doula

Receive amazing  in home postpartum doula assistance with our expertly trained staff while you recover and heal from your childbirth journey.  This service includes breastfeeding support, simple meal prep, light housekeeping, sterilization of baby items, guidance with infant soothing techniques and sleep technique as well as diapering and bathing baby.

Placenta Encapsulation

Your Placenta Encapsulation Specialist is highly educated and Certified in this field along with additional certification  in food safety , blood borne pathogens  and EPA guidelines.

All placentas are labeled from the moment they are received, through the  preparation process and on the final packaging.  We only prepare one placenta at a time with all of the OSHA standards in sanitizing during and in between each preparation.

Childbirth Education

 We offer tailored classes that integrates childbirth preparation birth also cutting edge and modern  hands on approach.  team.

 We offer tailored classes that integrates childbirth preparation birth also cutting edge and a modern  hands on approach.  

Enjoy having the options of private workshops or group class as well as internet instructional classes.  Everyone will get the chance to learn about pregnancy health relaxation, labor anatomy and physiology pain management and common variations and complications.

Lactation Support

We offer in home lactation support.  Our staff is comprised of Certified Lactation Consultants which means that they each posses one of the highest credential any person can obtain in the professional lactation field.  Our highly trained staff have the same credential as lactation professionals that work in a hospital setting. Whether your breastfeeding relationship with your baby has gotten off to a great start or you have had some bumps  in the road our team is here to help you navigate the ways in which you feed your child.  From the basic latch to the more complex medical issues we are your go to team to address your individual needs


  This service offers a window into the few imppet at times in your life that you will remember forever.  it is the photographers job to capture the process, strength, struggle and emotion that tells the story of becoming a mother at the end of active labor.  Your professional is trained to work in low lighning and is attuned to the room to capture moments you would otherwise miss, such as the first moment you meet your baby your partner cutting the cord, and the celebration of birth as a family.



What is a virtual doula? 

A virtual doula is a service  for women who may need remote, long distance, emotional support and doula care. 

All prenatal and postpartum appointments are done either on the phone or using  Zoom or  FaceTime. 

There is also not a hands-on component during your labor, though you can reach your doula by phone or text with questions during the birth and anytime during pregnancy. 

If you live in a rural  area or cannot otherwise access a doula for your birth, this option might be great for you. 

Virtually, you and your doula can still have a beautiful experience together and can still connect, and can share knowledge and emotional support. Your doula is here via phone or text 24/7 helping you answer questions, create a birth plan, and otherwise prepare for your labor.  

There are many reasons virtual doula services may be a good fit for you.

 Do you like the idea of a doula but family are very private and do not want someone in the room with you while birthing, however, you really want the prenatal support, education, planning, and assurance that a doula brings. With this virtual support service, your birth will remain the intimate space you want, but you will have the preparation and educational assistance you need.

Virtual doula care is also a great options for mothers who have already had children, had uncomplicated births, and are looking for help with organizing birth and postpartum preparations and a knowledgeable, ear for the more challenging aspects of pregnancy and birth! 

Luxury Spa Services

Emotional Relief Therapy

Emotional relief therapy

   Our approach to  stress & trauma includes traditional talk therapy and more in depth techniques such as EFT, mindfulness relaxation therapy and Yoga. 

All Natural Signature Facials

Signature Facials

 When you want to relax unwind and allow your mind and body to rejoice in the miracle of childbirth.  You can sit back and enjoy an all natural facial that will leave your skin feeling baby soft.  Special enzymes for exfoliation are used to give you a unbelievable glow. You can also choose one of our premium packages to accent your beautiful event. The Decadent Doula wants to celebrate the joyous journey of  having a baby.   We offer 7 different types of facials to choose from for all skin types.

All Natural with no chemicals.

Call to make your appointment TODAY!

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiey, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle ache and joint pains and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

Foot Soaks and Foot Massage

Foot Soaks & foot Massage

 A  foot soak becomes especially soothing in pregnancy, when excess fluid collects in your tissues and causes the feet to ache and swell.  Although most bath salts are safe to sprinkle in your foot bath,  our premiere bath salts are    especially useful for pregnant women.e for you body as well as sharing a great endorphin hit with your baby.

A  foot soak becomes especially soothing in pregnancy, when excess fluid collects in your tissues and causes the feet to ache and swell.  Although most bath salts are safe to sprinkle in your foot bath,  our premiere bath salts are    especially useful for pregnant women.

All Natural Sugar / Salt Body Scrubs

all natural sugar. salt body scrubs

Sweeten up your skincare routine during pregnancy with sugar or salt scrubs and deep cleansing to safely exfoliate. A body scrub will help bring a healthy glow and bring out your natural pregnancy glow.

Aromatherapy Mani/ Pedi

aromatherapy Mani/pedi

Every pregnant woman deserves to have this service and be pampered in this manner.

Additional Services & Packages

meditation and yoga

Meditation with Aromatherapy

Doctors and scientists have studied the benefits of meditation on pregnant women and they have shown that it can help moms to be throughout pregnancy and especially at birth.

Prenatal Yoga

   A practice uniquely designed for pregnancy, Prenatal yoga can help support moms to be emotionally and physically fit for birth.