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We provide services for all WOMEN, pregnant and non pregnant .

Expert Services

Labor Doula Services -$1,500


 Your personal Doula will provide : 

  • 24/7 coverage to attend with you at your labor and birth from the momment you hire us until the baby is born.
  • unlimited phone text and email support for your questions concerns or encouragement
  • personlized education and information on childbirth
  • prenatal home visit to discuss and help formulate the birth plan.
  • help you clarify and communicate your preferences with the entire birth team.
  • Immediate support after birth to help your baby latch and encourage your breastfeeding relationship and sucess.
  • Postpartum home visit to celebrate the birth of your baby and address the care of the baby see if any additional support is needed.

Virtual Doula- $750.00


For those who can not make it to Frederick Md . Or would like to use our services and reside in another state....... you can now receive EXPERT support, coaching and education through Virtual Doula program.

Placenta Encapsulation-$250.00


Postpartum Services- Call for Rates


Belly Binding -$100.00


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