Life Is Precious!

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We provide services for all WOMEN, pregnant and non pregnant .

You do not have to be pregnant to enjoy our services!!!!!!!!

Wellness for ALL Women, Pregnant or NOT!

Here at The Decadent Doula Wellness Center,  we strive to provide a comfortable  healing environment for our clients.  Your needs are our main concern.  

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We  provide high quality, genuine & authentic essential oils and aromatic floral hydrosols.

We also stock carrier oils, bottles and jars for your convenience so you can Make Your Own.

Come visit our Center and make your own products in person or we will be happy to make it for you based on your allergies, in our Aromatherapy Lounge!



Our Herbal Apothecary is stocked with bulk dried medicinal herbs, powders, liquid tinctures, herb-infused oils, herbal salves and more.

We strive to create products with integrity that are healthy for people and the planet, using the art and science of Herbalism and Aromatherapy as our foundation. 

Introducing Our New Aromatherapy Lounge


Custom Aromatherapy Lounge


The Decadent Doula Birth And Wellness has the first only custom aromatherapy Lounge in Frederick Md . area. We have pure and genuine essential oils that are grown free of pesticides and fungicides from around the world. Most of our products are created by hand on the spot for our clients needs  at our amazing and beautiful center shop on 700 Montclaire Ave Frederick Maryland.  We use plant based ingredients and never use sulfates, parabens, or other harmful ingredients.  All Natural All Of The Time. 


Skin Care Treatment

We custom create a remedy for you based off of your skin type and your allergies while you wait in our beautiful lounge.

There are many different ways that we can provide you with products that can help your conditions. Just make and free appointment to come in and speak to our Aromatherapist or Skin Expert today to start enjoying a better healthier life.

Enjoy a refreshing all natural beverage or a nutritional snack while you wait.


Common Ailments relieved with Aromatherapy and Herbs

 We start with looking at your primary concerns and then the inputs that affect the imbalance, which could include eating patterns, sleeping, community interaction, stress, digestion, seasonal immunity, and breathing. Wellness goals and steps to accomplish them are incorporated into your recommendations and a customized herbal formula is made for you to take home that day. Herbal remedies are an additional expense but discounted with consultation.